Round Large Laundry Bag with Soft Handle
Round Large Laundry Bag with Soft Handle

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Laundry Bag
Round Large Laundry Bag with Soft Handle
Item no.: HP3001
Product size: 42x48cm
Material: metal+fabric
Color: Grey
Packaging: brown box+color poster 

Product feature:

1. Large Capacity: The whole laundry bag measures 42x48cm. Large capacity, laundry bag can hold up to 2 standard size loads of laundry.

2. Large & Folding: Larger than normal clothes bag which can storage whole family dirty clothes. Light in weight and can be folded to small size for easy carry.

3. Natural Linen & Soft Al Handle: Sturdy burlap covered with waterproof material ensure hanging laundry bag for long-term use as well as stand by itself. No pain when handle laundry sorter as soft foam covered on aluminum handle. Hang up dirty clothes hamper on back of door can save your room space.

4. Wide Application: It can be used as laundry tote or storage bag for in bathroom, dormitory, laundry room for many different stuff such as toy, shoes, books, snack.